After adding the account, they’ll get an email that looks like this:

As it says in that email above, the donor will receive 2 tiny deposits to their account within a few days.


Step 3: Wait for the micro-deposits to post to the donor’s bank account

Here’s an example of how these deposits might appear on a bank’s ledger:

Some banks show these micro-deposits within a day or two. Some take 4 or 5 business days to show them. A few days after posting the micro-deposits, Stripe will recoup those deposits in a single withdrawal. The donor should ignore this third item.

For most donors, it will take a couple business days for these micro-deposits to post to their account. Slow banks can even take three or four. If a week goes by and the account is still unverified, Giving will send the donor a gentle email reminder to go check their account and complete the verification process.


Step 4: Enter these deposit amounts

The donor will need to come back to the donor interface, click the blue “verify” button, and enter those amounts:

If the deposited amounts match, the account will appear as a payment method option when donating:

Or, they can communicate the micro-deposit amounts to you, the admin, and let you enter them on the admin side of Giving:

Your screen on the admin side of Giving will look similar:

If the donor is ever unsure of the status of a verification, you can check for them in their donor profile on the “Pay Methods” tab: